A land of black woods and rugged coasts, Lederhosen and sausage, sparkling Schlösser and the best wheat beer on the continent, why not visit? Here we have put together a list of places to visit and things to do in Germany.


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1. Berlin

‘Berlin, you are so Wunderbar’, runs under the Berliner Kindle beer slogan. We share the sentiment. Playing the central scene of the tumultuous upheavals of the 20th century, Berlin still bears the scars of its past in 2015 and retains a sense of dancing on the edge. Today, the international flavor of the city, both on the streets and in the hostels and hotels of Berlin, forms its lively character and charm, making it the most interesting place to visit in Germany.

5 cities to visit for sights and other activities in Germany @GermanyTourism
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So what are the best things to do in Berlin? Districts like Neukölln are dotted with independent art galleries and Germany’s trendiest hostels; Prenzlauerberg in the north it’s flooded with branches of Third-Wave Coffee (a good place to start if you’re not sure what to get in Germany); and further west you can check into some of Germany’s most luxurious hotels and visit the glittering Ku’damm and the dazzling KaDeWe (offering some of the most expensive but also some of the best German food), Berlin’s less saccharine answer to Harrods. Cheap, liberal and home to the biggest nightlife in Europe, a visit Hauptstadt is one of the most memorable things in Germany.

Tour of Berlin

When he comes to see Berlin, East Side Gallery is a good place to start. The gallery is located on the remains of the Berlin Wall just above the Spree. Along the wall, both professional artists and amateurs have created murals, mostly of a political nature (“Ya!” for peace, “Nein” for borders, etc.) You’ll also likely find scribbled appreciations of love for Justin Bieber and Zac Efron. . A walk through the gallery wall is one of the most worthwhile things to do in Berlin if you want to get a real taste of the city. You can find more information about visiting the capital of Germany EXBERLINER has interesting insights about current events in the city.

5 cities to visit for sights and other activities in Germany @GermanyTourism
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2. Leipzig

Regularly referred to as ‘Little Berlin’ or even ‘New Berlin’, Leipzig is becoming an increasingly popular place to visit in Germany. The city is full of students and everything that goes with them: bicycles, cheap cafes and general freedom and procrastination. So what to do in Leipzig? And is it really New Berlin? Some say that Leipzig is a victim of its own hype (“Hypezig”, if you will), and that it was labeled as a “was” before it ever was. Not true! Apart from Berlin and Hamburg, Leipzig has some of the cheapest hostels in Germany, supports the most dynamic music and art scene in the country and, like the capital, when it comes to sights in Leipzig, its charm and appeal lies not in the central roads and squares, but in the back streets and hidden neighborhoods. If you have time, try to book tickets to see either Gewandhuasorchesterone of the world’s best classical orchestras or 800 years old Thomanerchorus. Hotels in Leipzig are becoming more and more abundant, while there are already plenty of cozy hostels in Leipzig.

Trains from Berlin to Leipzig and beyond can be explored here.

5 cities to visit for sights and other activities in Germany @GermanyTourism
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Tour of Leipzig

It sits in the center of Leipzig Augustsplatz, as spectacular as its name suggests; visiting here is one of the nicest things to do in Leipzig. The square is lined with the city’s most important buildings, including the opera house, the 11-story Kroch-Haus and the university church.

3. Munich

Visiting Bavaria is one of the most popular things to do in Germany. Munich has a great selection of luxury hotels and budget hostels in Munich are becoming more common, but if you’re looking for a medium to long term stay in Munich, you can check out accommodation options at Living anywhere.

If Berlin is poor and sexy, then perhaps Munich is best described as rich and handsome. This city is the antithesis of Berlin, and visiting just one or the other will leave you with a distorted impression of Germany.

5 cities to visit for sights and other activities in Germany @GermanyTourism
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Lederhosen – those snug leather shorts with round Teutonic back fastenings – Weissbier and German foods such as sauerkraut are plentiful in Munich. It is also probably the most beautiful city in Germany and Munich will take you more than a day to explore. Visitors to the city should start with the mammoth Frauenkirche, the Cathedral of Our Lady, which seats a whopping 20,000 people.

Munich is stunning in December with Christmas lights and markets. The city hosts some of the best hotels in Germany, but of course rooms are harder to come by at the moment, so book in advance.

5 cities to visit for sights and other activities in Germany @GermanyTourism
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A tour of Munich

So after the architectural tour, what else to do in Munich? Well, you can sample some fantastic beer here, with most pubs serving their own beers. Don’t know what to eat in Germany? In most of these establishments, the staff can recommend which German food goes well with each beer. British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor wrote a memorable account of his visit to the famous Munich Hoffhouse when he was only 18 years old. He describes the locals he was sitting among with his hands ‘like bundles of sausages [flying] nimbly, loading hams, salami, sausages, krenwurst and blatwurst on the forkbetween sips from black stone vats of wheat beer, “A great and wonderful, brooding, cylindrical liter of Germanic myth.” With scenes like these, it’s no wonder that eating and drinking are two of the most culturally important things to do in Munich.

4. Cologne

At the top of Bavaria, we head northwest to the city of Cologne. Cologne lies on the Rhine and is the fourth largest city in Germany. Cologne’s old town is charming, with narrow cobbled streets, breweries serving sparkling beers and pubs with the traditional Halver Hahn sandwich. In addition to the famous cathedral, visitors to Cologne should also stop by the town hall, the Great Church of St. Martin and the Heinzelmännchen (Cologne Elves) fountains.

5 cities to visit for sights and other activities in Germany @GermanyTourism
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The most popular thing in Cologne is a visit to the carnival, which is actually one of the most interesting things in Germany in general, starts on the Thursday before Rose Monday (the last Monday before Lent, falls on February 8 next year). Street theater, live music and lots of costumes! The best of German party spirits come out and the Kölsche beer flows like water. Hotels and hostels in Cologne fill up quickly, so be sure to book in advance.

Tour of Cologne

Those interested in a tour of Cologne should start with the city’s cathedral, or Cologne House, the most striking landmark of the cityscape. It is worth climbing the 509 steps to the top of the South Tower. Tours cannot be taken while the service is in progress, but all are naturally welcome to join in for mass on Sunday mornings, which is one of the most peaceful things to do in Cologne.

5. Hamburg

Hamburg was for a long time an independent state from the rest of Prussia, joining the rest of Germany only in 1871. Its official name remains to this day Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) and the locals like to emphasize their difference from the rest of their countrymen. Connected to the North Sea by the River Elbe, Hamburg is Germany’s largest maritime city and has what makes all port cities so exciting – fish and ethnic diversity. Hostels in Hamburg can be found at competitive prices and hotels in Hamburg are similarly priced. For those with a musical ear, there is plenty to do in Hamburg. In fact, from the 17th to the 18th century, the city was known throughout Europe primarily for its music. The Hamburg State Opera performed in Germany’s first public opera house, which opened in 1678. The new opera house is one of the finest examples of modern architecture in Germany today. While techno is a child of Berlin, Hamburg has a thriving rock scene and for lovers of live music, Hamburg remains the best place to visit in Germany.

5 cities to visit for sights and other activities in Germany @GermanyTourism
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Tour of Hamburg

The tour of Hamburg culminates in the city Fischmarkt, which reportedly attracts over 70,000 visitors every Sunday morning. Located down by the docks, you can sample more than just the fresh catch among the hawkers (high on the list of what to eat in Germany) but also fruits and vegetables, flowers and clothes. With live music, the market has a heady mix of those who got out of the clubs last night and are now munching Hering im Brottas well as families and old people who woke up early to haggle for the best Schnappchen they can get A visit here is one of the most memorable things to do in Hamburg, and no trip to the city is complete without it.

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