With a variety of sea and land activities to choose from, Nelson Bay is a popular destination for tourists in the Port Stephens area. Every weekend there is always something to do to suit everyone’s interests and budget.

Follows the dolphin

You can arrange a dolphin watching cruise any time of the year for the 100 bottlenose dolphins that live in the area. Every year between May and November, cruise ships offer Whale Watching Cruises that allow passengers to see the more than 22,000 whales that pass through Port Stephens during their annual migration.

Time for some parasailing

Parasailing is a popular activity in tourist hotspots around the world, and Nelson Bay is no exception. If you enjoy flying, consider flying over Port Stephens for a unique perspective.

Travel on a ship

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful fishing trip by yourself or a great party boat with friends, there are a variety of boats to choose from. Additionally, if you a Port Stephens residence whom Oaks Port Stephens Pacific Blue Resort Be sure to check out some good boat rental locations to get you started!

Go sailing

Swimming in Port Stephens | Through the image flickr

Port Stephens-based Blue Water Sailing offers visitors luxury private sailing around the water. Dolphins can be seen swimming past the ship’s bow as you cruise the bay and enjoy delicious local delicacies.