We all have more subscriptions than we care to admit (Netflix, you might as well just give us your company’s stock.) However, the newest subscription service being tested is for flights.

Frequent travelers rub their hands with glee at the concept, which is still in its infancy but is popping up here and there around the world.

Subscription flight service

In new Zealand Sounds Air has launched a three-month subscription service that gives travelers unlimited access to flights during that period. Think of it as an all-you-can-eat buffet, but for air travel.

This subscription service was launched as a measure to combat empty seats on flights. While the COVID-19 pandemic seems like it has been going on for years, we are still seeing its effects in sectors like travel.

This leads to some airlines around the world flying planes half full, which is detrimental to their profit margins (not to mention terrible for the environment!).

During the ticket availability schedule, Sound Air CEO Andrew Crawford stated that the airline has 17,000 spare seats.

Sounds Air offers domestic flights to nine destinations throughout New Zealand: Picton, Blenheim, Wellington, Nelson, Taupo, Paraparaumu, Christchurch, Westport and Wanaka. Its seasonal plan allows travelers to fly as much as they want for three months for US$799 (US$495), with a total of 1,000 subscription tickets available.

In February 2022, Alaska Airlines became the first airline in the world to offer ticketing service for flights. However, the airline imposes restrictions that prohibit passengers from more than 24 flights per year.

Alaska Airlines flies to 16 West Coast cities, and travelers can choose between a Flight Pass or Flight Pass Pro to access the subscription service.

Will subscription flights become a more popular service in the near future? Of course, there are benefits for both airlines and consumers.

Businesses that send their employees on monthly business trips can save money by purchasing a subscription for their employees.

Alternatively, travelers can explore more places for less, depending on their travel style. However, the concept is still in its infancy and is currently limited to domestic travel.

We will talk as the market expands and international flights are added.