Located on the sunny shores of Sri Lanka’s famous south coast, Tangalle is an enchanting place and here are some of its most charming places.

Tangalle Beach

Bordered by the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, the soft sands of the local beach provide the ultimate coastal escape. For true seaside seclusion, you can stay at properties like Anantara Peace Paradise Tangalle Resort near an isolated part of the coast away from any crowds; apart from sunbathing and watching magical sunsets, it’s a great place for activities like yoga, stand-up paddleboarding and surfing for beginners.

Through the image Anantara Peace Paradise Tangalle Resort

Rekawa Beach

An equally picturesque coastline can be found at nearby Rekawa Beach Sri Lanka; luxury resorts Tangalle offers easy access to this place, known as the place where five turtle species come to lay their eggs every April to September. For something truly rewarding, you can join local volunteers as they patrol the beach at night to protect nesting turtles; you might even get a chance to see baby turtles wading into the ocean!

Hummanaya Blowhole

Attracting local and foreign tourists near Tangalle is a natural phenomenon called the Hummanaya Blowhole in Dikwela; it makes quite a distinctive sound and the water spray can reach a height of about 25-30 meters at different intervals. It is also worth shooting and photographing from a high point; Don’t forget to mention in your Insta or FB posts that this is also the second largest blowout in the world!

Mulkirigala rock temple

Popular things to do in Tangalle include a tour of the stunning Mulkirigala Rock Temple; It enjoys a breathtaking location on a rocky hill that rises to a height of around 210 meters and the hundreds of steps to the top are all part of the adventure! In this fascinating place with more than 2000 years of history, you will come across a temple and ancient caves with sculptures and painted murals.