Europe has something for everyone – if you want to kick back in a cafe all afternoon and drink the best coffee along the canals of Amsterdam, you can. But if you want to have a deep cultural experience in Italy or even immerse yourself in all the luxury it has to offer, you are ready to part with your property. Virginia Games Online casino games are the perfect option for the real deal in Monte Carlo, Europe.

So let’s see where you should go and what to eat when you get there.

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Azores Islands

Portugal, Azores

Portugal has always been a hot tourist destination, but more often than not, when people go to Portugal, they go to Lisbon.

While Lisbon is stunning and a must-see in itself, the Azores offer something a little different.

It consists of nine islands and is located just off the coast. Full of exciting natural sights like caves, grottoes, geysers, hot springs and even mud holes. Summer is the best time to see all this and more.

The island you are most likely to visit is San Miguel, the largest island. Not only is it filled with breathtaking views, but there are also many activities like spelunking and hiking.

Cozido das Furna is a dish made of blood sausage, beef and natural vegetables cooked in volcanic soil. A dish you won’t find anywhere else!

Germany, Berlin

Berlin may be one of the strangest cities in the world. It has a very diverse nightlife, bars full of delicious cocktail selections and then bars that you need a password and guts to enter.

Of course, Berlin is filled with some of the most interesting and exciting places, and culturally, you can explore a lot.

Historic sites such as the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall will set a somber tone for the day – but well worth a visit.

Apart from the many parties and history – Berlin has a number of culinary delights.

In Berlin you will find many great beers and different types of wurst. But Berlin has some of the tastiest food around. Schnitzel should come first.


Monaco, Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a place for millionaires to shop, dine, stay and fly. Of course, you can do all of these things! The weather is glorious on the Mediterranean, and with both Italy and France bordering it, it’s the perfect day trip destination.

The Monte Carlo Casino is something the photos don’t do justice to; Seeing it in person leaves an unforgettable impression. It is one of the most magnificent and amazing buildings inside.

To enter, you need ID and wear something that meets the dress code.

After finishing rolling dice, playing cards and living a hectic life, visit the Musée Oceanographique to unwind. A beautiful aquarium located at a height of 90 meters above the sea and containing more than 6000 different sea creatures.

There is one food you must try: Barbajuan. Barbajuan The national dish of Monaco is a delicious fried pastry fritter made of pumpkin, ricotta cheese, Swiss cheese or spinach.

Crispy, crunchy and perfect to eat while watching the audience.

Romania, Sibiu

Often left out of some of the most beautiful places in the world, Romania has more than a little to offer. Sibiu has a deep and rich history and you can feel it while walking around.

Although the city itself feels vibrant, alive and young, it still has more than 800 years of history. With more than a bit of cultural heritage, you won’t have to spend hours walking around.

To get to know a place, one of the best things to do is to go to an art gallery or museum that exhibits artists or works by the people of the country. In this case, the best place to go is the Bruckenthal National Museum – there is a wide range of Romanian and other European artists, but the building and architecture are worth taking the time to see.

Food-wise, there’s too much to go into, but there are two things you need to try: Sarmal are cabbage rolls stuffed with rice, spices, onions, and minced meat. Or, if you like it a little sweeter, then Papanasi is for you. A sweet cheese dish topped with jam and sour cream.

Greece, the island of Kefalonia

You’ve no doubt heard of some of Greece’s most popular destinations, such as Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu.

Instead, skip those amazing places and go for it The island of Kefalonia, south of Corfu. Probably one of the most beautiful islands, every photo you take will look like a postcard. There are many caves for tourists to visit, including Melissani Cave and Drogarati Cave, both of which offer unique beauty.

After exploring the caves, head to the Archaeological Museum if you want to soak up the culture and art.

After you’ve finished a day of exploring, you can enjoy some of Kefalonia’s traditional dishes. There are fresh vegetables, a lot of juicy and tasty meat and pies on the menu.

You’ll also enjoy plenty of garlic, fresh fish dishes, and amazing sticky almond pastries.

Europe offers delicious food, amazing scenery and rich cultures. No matter where you go, you can up the octane and go skydiving, or take it easy and enjoy the street side cafes.