When planning a vacation to Sri Lanka, make sure you give plenty of time and attention to explore and explore the cultural gems that line its magnificent landscapes.

The ancient capital of Anuradhapura

He carved his existence as the 1st of the nationSt the ancient capital city of Anuradhapura is known as a holy place of worship among Buddhist devotees. Located 200 km north of the commercial capital of Colombo, Anuradhapura bears traces of the civilizations that once flourished in these parts, combined with a number of temples and monuments that speak of Sri Lanka’s connection with Buddhism.

The beauty of Kandy

Kandy | Through the image wiki media commons

Nestled between mountains, valleys, babbling rivers, streams and river districts is the brilliance of Kandy, the capital of Sri Lanka’s central province. Acting as the seat of power for several Sinhalese kings from 1592 until the famous Kandyan Convention of 1815, this dreamy city attracts the attention of a curious globetrotter. From leisurely strolls by the Kandy lake to admiring the old palace complex that includes the iconic Temple of the Holy Tooth Relic, you’ll definitely get a history lesson worth attending.

Fortifications of Galle

Located along the southern coast of Sri Lanka is the Galle area, whose importance is directly related to its large number of animal husbandry opportunities. places to visit. In Galleyou will also have the chance to call at the Dutch Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its old churches and souvenir shops. KK Collection.