Among the most dynamic holiday destinations in Africa, Tanzania’s culture is rich and different from its neighbors. Here are some local customs and traditions that tourists should know about.

While it is perfectly acceptable to film or camera Tanzania’s wildlife reserves and other attractions, travelers must obtain permission before photographing individuals. Taking photographs without permission is considered very rude, especially when dealing with tribal communities who believe that when someone photographs them, a part of their soul is stolen.

Do Not Use Left Hand in Special Scenarios

As in most Asian cultures, when in Tanzania, you should avoid eating with your left hand, accepting gifts with your left hand, and even greeting locals. The left hand is restricted to hygiene in the bathroom, so it is considered unsuitable for eating, shaking hands or receiving gifts.

Avoid Smelling Your Food

Odor in food
Losing Your Food – Image DanaTentis from Pixabay

Although it may seem harmless to smell the aroma of food or food placed on the table, this habit is not correct in Tanzanian culture. This is because this act is seen as a questionable practice that insults the chef and expresses his disgust with what is being served.


The physical manifestations of love are perfect within their limits Residence Zanzibar or any resort in the country, though it is a great fraud in public. So keep your hands to yourself when you pass Things to do in Zanzibar list or travel the streets or explore the sights with other members of the public.