Among Nantong’s main attractions, the Hao River Scenic Area is steeped in history and provides much to explore and experience; here’s more information on what you need to know.

Image credit- song songroov, Chongchuan, Nantong, Jiangsu, China – panorama (31), CC BY 3.0

Getting there

Because the river is in the heart Nantong, serviced apartments and hotels in the city are easily accessible; these include properties such as Chongchuan CBD Ascott Harmony City Nantong. You can go to Nantong Museum Station by taxi or public bus number 5, 12 or 51. Take Tourist Bus No. 1 to visit attractions along the river, or take the water bus for sightseeing at Haoxi Academy.

What to expect

Dating back to 958 AD during the Later Zhou Dynasty, the Hao River is one of the best-preserved ancient city moats in China. It is approximately 10 km long and circles the central area of ​​the old city, earning it the nickname of the city’s “Emerald Necklace”. There are several charming attractions along the banks of the river (some of which are mentioned below), especially the night boat ride which is not to be missed.

Nantong Museum and Wenfeng Pagoda

Major attractions in the Hao River Scenic Area include the Nantong Museum; it covers a vast area of ​​pavilions, gardens and water towers, while offering an interesting collection focusing on history, art, nature and education. The 39-meter-high Wenfeng Pagoda from the Ming Dynasty is also interesting and noteworthy.

Other points

You can also visit the Tiannin Temple, built during the Tang Dynasty; here you’ll find features such as the Mountain Gate, Hall of the Great Buddha, and Guangxiao Pagoda. You can additionally visit the historic North Pole Pavilion, City God Temple, Chinese Abacus Museum and Bosai Park on Hao River Scenic Area Adventures.