Flowers in full bloom, wine, food and music are all about Toowoomba’s biggest flower festival. When visiting the tropical city of Brisbane, make sure you find your way to this 30-day flower festival and enjoy the seasonal festivities. Read on to learn more about this great festival, what to expect, where to stay and even who you can bring.

Festival – what is it all about?

Rose Carnival in Toowoomba | Image author Tatters through flickr

Is there a better feeling on earth than to be surrounded by blooming flowers, sweet fragrances, delicious food, wine and fun? The Toowoomba flower festival offers all that and more in a 30-day floral event. Also known as Australia’s longest running annual flower festival, this event is a unique experience that allows visitors to catch the colorful spring flowers in full bloom. Just two hours from Brisbane, spending your long weekend at this exciting carnival will allow you to soak up all the rich flavours, stunning garden views and festival atmosphere.

Things to expect

It would be an understatement to say that the Towoomba Flower Festival is all about the budding flowers. Apart from breathtaking views of floral arrangements, fragrant gardens and freshly cut lawns, the event is also filled with exhilarating rides, live music, classy fireworks displays and a selection of South Queensland favourites, including cheese and seafood. , appetizer platters, organic doughnuts, slow-cooked BBQ pork and of course, Queensland’s own selection of wines sourced from local vineyards and orchards.

Placement options

If you head to Garden City, you’ll be amazed at the number of accommodation options readily available at your fingertips. But how comfortable it would be to stay in a cozy house The Oaks Toowoomba Hotel, just a two-minute walk from the dazzling carnival of flowers? The hotel also brings an unrivaled mother Toowoomba hotel discounts This season you don’t want to miss! So it’s definitely a win!

It welcomes furry friends

Don’t want to leave your furry friends behind while having the time of your life? Don’t be discouraged, dogs and puppies have always been a part of this joyous festival for decades. There are wide lanes designed just for puppies and dogs to relax and enjoy while sinking their teeth into long lunches and delicious meat products.