While Sri Lanka is dealing with civil protests against the government, the island is preparing to welcome visitors from around the world back to its shores.

Chamarel Falls
Image via Wikimedia Commons (Adamina, Chamarel Falls – 5, CC BY 2.0)

What is happening in Sri Lanka?

The ongoing turmoil is primarily due to at least a decade of mismanagement and corruption within the government and the people’s hope for a better future. Ultimately, the hope is that popular protest will help bring the change the country can believe in.

How to stay safe?

The reality for those who want to stay safe is that you probably will without even trying. The best advice you can follow is to watch the news while you are in Sri Lanka and stay away from protests in general.

Can people go out during the curfew?

Sri Lankan authorities encourage visitors to stay in their hotels or other accommodation until their flight departs. They also clarified that travelers can bypass the curfew by showing their passports and airline tickets.

Enjoy your holiday

For the most part, one of the best things you can do is settle down boutique villas Sri Lanka such as those offered by popular chains such as Uncover the collection and simply enjoy your vacation; you will hardly feel that anything is happening in the island country.