Travel to South Tyrol, Italy (Podcast)

Learn about traveling to South Tyrol, Italy while talking to Amateur Traveler Lynne Nieman about this beautiful region in northern Italy.

Lynne says, “What I’m going to say is probably more geared towards people who want to be outside, or at least you don’t have to be some kind of hardcore hiker, skier or anything like that. But even someone who only appreciates the great outdoors appreciates beautiful mountains.”

“The dolomite peaks are there. And of course, the Dolomites are also a UNESCO world heritage site. There are a total of nine Dolomite parks. And I. Six of these are in the greater Trentino Alto Adige region, perhaps three or four specifically in South Tyrol. So it’s a great place to appreciate the scenery, or to take in the scenery, go up into the mountains.”

“There are beautiful, quaint villages. There are many castles. If you’re a big city person, this isn’t the place for you, but if you like small quaint towns, some historical sites and a beautiful natural scenery, then South Tyrol is for you.”

Lynne starts us off at Castelrotto, which we use as a base to visit the alpine meadow area of ​​Alpe di Siusi. This is a beautiful, low-impact hiking experience. It’s not like walking the Alta Via 1 we talked about recently.

He recommends visiting Prösels Castle, located under the Schlern mountain, or the castle near the town of Campo Tures, on the Austrian border.

You can take a day hike to some mountain huts or cottages in the area, such as Pederü Mountain Cottage, Sennes Hütte or Fanes Mountain Cottage. You can stay overnight if you book in advance or just take a day trip.

Take a break at the beautiful Lago di Braies (Lake Braies) with its beautiful green waters, or stop at the Augustinian monastery of Novacella, where the monks have been producing wine for almost 900 years. Visit the small village of Santa Maddalena in the beautiful Val di Funes. If you enjoy driving on winding mountain roads, Lynne also recommends driving through Passo Gardena.

If you love the outdoors, visit South Tyrol in Italy.

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Travel to Italy, South Tyrol (Podcast) |  Things to do in Dolomites #italy #southtyrol #dolomites #europe #hike #wine #castle #places

Travel to Italy, South Tyrol (Podcast) |  Things to do in Dolomites #italy #southtyrol #dolomites #europe #hike #wine #castle #places