Although Thailand is famous for its ancient temples and shopping malls, the pleasant beaches along the country’s coastline attract attention. Khao Lak is home to a hidden gem in Thailand, the beautiful Khuk Khak beach that attracts tourists in droves.

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Why Khuk Khak Beach?

It is located 20 minutes away Avani+ Khao Lak Resort With 4 kilometers of attractive coastline is Khuk Khak Beach. Therefore, the beach has become a checklist for tourists who live here Resorts in Khao Lak. The beach, which is blessed by nature with palm, conifer and casuarina trees, adds flavor to the vacation.

How the Weather Treats You

Although Khuk Khak has a fairly consistent weather pattern and climate, there are slight fluctuations in certain months. The average daytime temperature here is often between 27 and 36 degrees (Celsius). Although the highest temperature is recorded in April, July and September are the lowest months. If your vacation plans include some much-needed sunbathing, choose February, which has the most sunny days.

Best times to visit

Although the weather at Khuk Khak Beach is mild and warm all year round, Thailand enters its summer season from November to May. This period is considered the peak tourism season when travelers flock in large numbers to fill Khuk Khak Beach with its gentle sounds and spirit of adventure.

Outdoor activity

Khuk Khak Beach is an ideal place for outdoor activities. Tourists are encouraged to make the most of their vacation by engaging in fun water activities such as snorkeling/scuba diving and kayaking, as well as adventure on land with mountain trekking and eco-tour cycling. However, nothing beats the sweet and peaceful feeling that comes with an evening stroll at Khuk Khak Beach.