If you’re in Seattle, Washington, the perfect place to visit is the Museum of Pop Culture. It has a wide collection of pop culture related exhibits and games suitable for the whole family. Here are some things you should know before planning your trip.

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Pre-visit reminders

Be sure to plan your visit here in advance, there are so many exhibits and so much ground to cover, leaving all day to spare. If you don’t bring anything with you, you’ll spend about $20 per person for snacks and drinks. Also wear comfortable walking shoes and light clothing.

Here’s what not to do

This museum will take you around a lot and almost all the exhibits are related to punk rock. So unless your baby is a big fan of it, it won’t be much fun for kids under six. Avoid bringing large backpacks as you will have to leave them with the staff at the entrance. Also, remember not to wear heavy perfume because if you do, you will be sprayed with scented air freshener.

Get here

You can get here by car, bus, light rail trains or any other type of public transport. If you arrive here by car, there are easily accessible parking lots around the museum. It is only a 7-minute drive from the museum Luxury hotels in Seattle eg symbolic Pan Pacific Seattletherefore, it is easiest to reach by taxi.