If you’ve scoured the web for your next destination but are empty-handed, how about the sunny beaches of Sardinia?

With turquoise waters, candy-coated buildings and rugged coastlines hiding secret coves, the Italian island is heavenly in almost every sense of the word.


However, the huge island off the west coast of Italy is suffering from one problem – a declining population. Once a thriving center for locals, young Sardinians have left the island in search of better jobs.

This means that slowly but surely, the inhabitants of the island will die out. This is why the Italian government has drawn some lines to offer this new incentive in the hope of attracting foreign youth from abroad.

To qualify for the €15,000 grant, you must be willing to move to a municipality in Sardinia with less than 3,000 inhabitants to boost the economy in small towns.

Also, the money must be used to purchase or renovate a home on the island and cannot exceed 50% of the cost of either.

Finally, you must register as a Sardinian resident within 18 months of receiving the lump sum.

This move may not be suitable for itchy-footed digital nomads who want to hop country every few months, as you have to live in your property full-time.

However, those looking for a forever home in the sun, surrounded by “la dolce vita” (the sweet life) can jump at this opportunity.

The government has allocated 38 million euros to the scheme and will provide up to 3,000 grants.

Speaking about the new incentive, the president of Sardinia, Cristian Solinas, said: “Thanks to these contributions to the first homes (home sellers), (Sardinia) will become a fertile ground for those who move there or decide to start a family.”

“There will be no growth without the real development of the territories, the inner regions and the poor regions, which will have to go through the new policy of repatriation.

“We have created the conditions for young people to decide to develop the economic fabric in the most fragile areas.”