Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Naturally, visiting Hawaii is a broad and somewhat vague statement. Hawaii has many islands and one of the most beautiful is the island of Maui. Also known as the “Island of the Valley,” Maui is a floating paradise in the middle of the ocean that fascinates and fascinates tourists every year.

Before you pack, you should know these 6 useful things about Maui that will do nothing but improve your trip.


1. Rent a car

Traveling through Maui is no simple task. Of course, it’s possible to travel by bus, but there aren’t many scheduled Maui routes, and you’ll often have to wait a long time for the shuttle to arrive. The bus system should be avoided at all costs.

Instead, rent a car and forget about public transport. Needless to say, there is another reason to rent a car on this island: the opportunity to meet every part of it. After all, the bus cannot reach all areas of the island of Maui. With a rental car, no route can stop you.

2. Drive down the road to the car Hana

Here’s another reason to rent a car: Road to Hana. This is an interesting highway that leads to Hana, an isolated part of the island that attracts tourists with its beautiful rainforests, waterfalls and ocean views.

As usual, it’s not just about coming. It is happy travel himself Every year, hundreds of tourists prefer to reach Hana by their own way, drive through its highway and marvel at the wildlife that unfolds next to it.

Although this road looks dangerous, it is safe for any experienced driver who respects the road signs and drives carefully. Be sure to visit this place when you land in Maui.

3. Enjoy the most delicious food

Maui is full of restaurants. Of course, it is full of not only average, but also excellent restaurants.

There is a wide variety of food such as smoothies, Loco Moco, seafood and shaved ice. You can have fun the best breakfast in Maui in the best restaurants and tours and sightseeing you will enjoy the most with a full stomach. After all, the way to a man’s (and woman’s) heart is through their stomach.

Experiencing local cuisine will enrich your trip. Not to mention, the restaurants themselves delight with attractive open-air terraces lined with palm trees.

4. It’s not just the beach

Naturally, when one thinks of Hawaii, it’s natural to think of miles of sand, palm trees, and endless ocean. Indeed, the island of Maui is full of these sights, and we all know that if you plan to visit this place, you will end up. sunbathing and swimming at a beautiful beach. But wait! There is again.

Believe it or not, Maui has 10 of the 14 different climate zones. This means that you have the opportunity to get to know more of the paradise beach. Maui has deserts, mountains, and rainforests (Remember the road mentioned earlier Hana?). It would be a waste to lose all these opportunities. So be prepared to swim, climb, dive and walk in just one weekend!


5. Opportunity to watch whales

Maui is full of wildlife. While dolphins, sea turtles and whales are common animals you would probably expect; this island offers whale watching opportunities. So if it’s on your Hawaii bucket list, you’ll be happy to check it off!

Every winter, Pacific humpback whales travel from Alaska to Hawaii. So, if you are traveling between November and May, you don’t want to miss such an opportunity. You can do a whale watching tour on a boat, although the whales are easily seen from land.

6. Sunrise at Haleakala

We’ve already mentioned that there’s more to Maui than just the beaches. One of the top areas in Maui is the Haleakala Volcano. However, although climbing the volcano is already a worthwhile experience, tourists conquer this giant for another reason: the sunrise.

Seeing the sunrise at the top of Haleakala makes it all worth the effort. Words cannot describe the beauty of such an event. A word of advice, though. Take some jumpers and jackets with you. It will be very cold on top of Haleakala in the morning.


Final thoughts

Keeping these things in mind will make your trip to Maui nothing but perfect. They make you want to enjoy this wonderful island. Don’t miss these opportunities and if necessary, move from the coast to the mountains in one day. Enjoy the journey!