Trincomalee is full of endless possibilities for adventures! With so much to see and delicious food to savor, read on to find out how you can plan the perfect vacation to see and experience the best the East Coast has to offer.

Where to Stay?

With great abundance resorts, Trincomalee There are a number of accommodations available for those planning to visit. hotels like Trinco Blu by Cinnamon Offer beachfront accommodations that are great for those who want great ocean views.

Beautiful beaches

Trincomalee beaches are known as one of the cleanest beaches in Sri Lanka. White, sandy beaches like Nilaveli Beach attract either those who just want to relax on the shores or those who retreat to the soothing waters. The beaches alone are a great reason to visit this city!

Delicious food

Seafood dishes
Seafood dishes – Image RitaE through Pixabay

Do you enjoy eating and want to take advantage of the best dishes of the day? Trincomalee is known for serving some of the best seafood in the country, so make sure you bring an appetite when you visit.

Pigeon Island

Ever wanted to explore a hidden island? Although this island is not a secret, it is ideal for those who want to have a mini-adventure on vacation. Jump into the shallows surrounding the island to explore the thriving coral reefs and the fish and turtles that call the reef home!