When Colonel William Light and George Strickland Kingston arrived in Australia, they continued to explore the Aussie coastline, looking for larger areas for colonists to settle. When they found the gem of this place, they named the small town Glenelg and settled here. After Lord Glenelg. This city is rich in history and has many attractions to see, such as those mentioned below.

Glenelg bond

Glenelg Wharf (Wharf) | Through the image flickr

This historic pier has seen many changes and destruction over the years. After it was first built in 1859, it was destroyed in 1873 by a fire that spread from the lighthouse at its end. Again in 1948, when Glenelg was hit by a hurricane, the bridge was washed away again. In 1969, it was rebuilt stronger than ever.

Pioneer Memorial

It was built to commemorate the 4 great colonists who came here. In 1936, a replica of HMS Buffalo was completed, sitting atop the structure, with the names of the colonists carved underneath. The monument overlooks a beautiful beach just a 5-minute walk away Oaks Glenelg Liberty Suites.

Partridge house

This historic house was built in 1899 for Mrs. Elinor Varley. But after being threatened with demolition, it was bought by the former Glenelg Council in 1971 and used as a community center since 1977. Glenelg holiday options near this beautiful monument.

Glenelg Town Hall

Opened in 1877, the town hall was formerly known as the Glenelg Institute building. It was designed by the respected architect and mayor of Adelaide, Edmund Wright. The grand entrance and west tower allow visitors to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the coastline. You can tour the halls and Gulf Discovery Center and learn more about the history of this beautiful city.