The perfect family getaway awaits you and your kids in the Mackay region where you can play with kangaroos, swim with dolphins, take a fun helicopter ride and eat your fill. While there are plenty of sweet spots waiting to be discovered in Australia’s sugar capital, here are some of the most coveted spots that shouldn’t be missed!

A play date with a kangaroo and a wallaby

Game time with the Wallabies | Through the image to splash

There is no better place in the world to play with eastern gray kangaroos and agile wallabies than in the Mackay region. With these cute marsupials roaming the beach shores to feed on mangrove seed trays, you and your kids can have the time of your life following every move of these cute little creatures. Just north of Mackay, head to Cape Hillsborough Nature Park, where all the magic happens, and don’t forget to bring your camera to capture these gentle mammals dancing on the sun-drenched beaches.

Visit to Sarina Sugar Warehouse

Have you ever thought about explaining to your kids how candy floss and all things sugary come to be? It’s time to take them on a little tour around the Sarina sugar warehouse. Here your kids can learn all about sugar; regardless of whether it is grown, processed, ground or distilled. The venue also has a miniature working sugar mill so your kids can experience the grinding process first hand. The fairy rope at the end of the trip is just a cherry on top and all the more reason for kids to keep coming back to this place.

Sailing expedition

Boasting 31 gorgeous beaches, hitting the waves is a must while on vacation. Hotel in Mackay. With a range of water sports, kayaking, sailing and whale watching, your stay in Australia’s sugar capital doesn’t get much better than this. Be prepared to see dugongs, turtles and numerous species of fish as you cruise along the stunning Brampton and Keswick Islands, teeming with delicate marine life. After a day at sea, you and your kids can pamper yourself with a hot tub or a rejuvenating spa session. Oaks Mackay Rivermarque Hotel.

Happy helicopter ride

Take a joyous flight and make the perfect end to a fun family vacation. In Mackay, there are many private helicopter tours available for your convenience to take you on a journey through the clouds. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Mackay’s stunning scenery, lush greenery and gorgeous beaches as you soar.