Although Sri Lanka is a modern and cosmopolitan tourist mecca, the culture of the island is still quite conservative. Some rules of conduct to follow while on vacation in Sri Lanka.

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As a conservative society, Sri Lankans frown upon public displays of affection between members of the opposite sex, even when married. Although hugging is allowed, kissing in public should be avoided. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to be friendly within the confines of your own suite or resort base Uncover the collectionIt is very important not to touch when visiting public places or Tourist places of Sri Lanka.

Religious Sensitivities

Avoid wearing clothing items such as shirts, scarves, hats, and other accessories that bear images of the Buddha. The image of Lord Buddha is considered holy and sacred among Sri Lankans; therefore, casual sportswear or accessories are a sign of disrespect in their estimation. Tattoos of Buddhist images should also be covered with a shawl or long-sleeved clothing whenever possible.

Food etiquette

Sri Lankans, like most Asian cultures, believe that the left hand is too “dirty” for eating. When eating with your hands, even if you are naturally left-handed, you should use your right hand or use utensils instead.

Unauthorized filming

Whether it’s photographing a Buddhist monk on the streets of Colombo or local families flying kites on Galle Face Green, unauthorized clicking is unacceptable in Sri Lanka. If you want to photograph a local, be polite and ask for permission before proceeding.