Known as one of the most beautiful seaside spots on the south coast, Mirissa Beach is a hub for whale watching and a stunning coastal paradise. Here’s what travelers need to know before heading to the beach.

Tharakaliyanage, Mirissa Sri Lanka, CC BY-SA 4.0

Visiting time

While Mirissa Beach is a year-round beach vacation spot, those who want to make the most of their trip should visit the area between December and March. Not only is this the best time to visit Mirissa Beach in terms of unusual weather, but it is also when whale watching tours are in full swing. During this time, you can go on an excursion to witness dolphins and whales frolicking on the beach.

Getting there

While it is possible to drive to Mirissa, those who prefer to take the scenic route should take a bus to Matara from the Fort Bus Station in Colombo. Whether you go to your base Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa or any of the others Hotels in Mirissathis is definitely the perfect way to reach Mirissa beach as it offers spectacular views of the south coast.

Two Sections

Most tourists may not be aware of this, but Mirissa Beach is divided into two parts. Travelers entering Mirissa Beach from the main road should turn left if they are looking for a quieter and more secluded part of the beach, and right if they are looking for water sports and crowds.

Wine and food

Filled with resorts, beach bars and seafood restaurants, tourists don’t have to go far to enjoy a delicious meal during their day at Mirissa Beach.