Travel to Astypalaia and Amorgos, Greece (Podcast)

Learn about traveling to Astypalaia and Amorgos as we talk to Amateur Traveler Michael & Cassandre from @JourneyOfMC about these two less touristy Greek Islands.

“We start from Astypalaia and Amorgos, two islands in the Aegean Sea,” they say. Most people are familiar with Santorini and Mykonos and the Aegean Sea, but these are more distant islands. One is in the Cyclades, which is actually Amorgos, and Astypalaia is in the Dodecanese chain.

“Astypalaia is known to have the most natural choir in all of Greece. And when I say chora, I mean these little iconic historic towns with their sugar cube houses perched on a hill. It also has these small idyllic islets that you can visit by boat. And then Amorgos, on the other hand, wild with towering mountains. There are distant coastal walks. It has an 11th-century monastery built into the side of a cliff. It’s an architectural marvel and a reason to visit Amorgos alone.”

“European travel has really exploded this year. One of the things we wanted was to find some islands in Greece that would give us a respite from this, a relaxed and uncrowded experience.

We start from Astypalaia. The main town has beautiful white buildings and is surrounded by an old Venetian castle. Michael & Cassandre will let you explore the city, followed by a typical Boat trip to Koutsomiti, Kounoupa and Red Rock. This tour will explore remote beaches, emerald waters and sea caves used to hide German submarines in WWII.

The next day on the island, they recommend going out into the countryside and hiking to remote beaches.

In Amorgos, a visit to the Hozoviotissa Monastery is one of the highlights. This whitewashed monastery is built on the side of a cliff and it takes a hike to get there, but not as much of a hike as the chapel of Agia Triada in the distance.

The coastline of Amorgos has many cliffs, more remote beaches, and at least one obvious shipwreck.

Finally, we spend some time talking about the more popular island of Santorini, which is their 3rd stop on their itinerary.

If you’re looking for a quieter, more local version of the Greek islands, consider Astypalaia and Amorgos.

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Show notes

Michael & Cassandre @JourneyOfMC
Venetian Castle in Astypalea
Barbarossa (Astypalaia)
Astypalea Tours
Livadi Beach (Astypalaia)
Kaminakia Beach (Astypalaia)
Shorthand Beach
Plakes Beach
Tzanaki Beach
Akti Restaurant (Astypalaia)
Cucina Bar Restaurant (Astipalea)

Big Blue
Hozoviotissa Monastery in Amorgos, Greece
Mouros Tavern
Mikri Vlychada Beach
Hagia Triada
Roadside Shrines of Greece
Hotel Villa Mathios (Akrotiri) Santorini
Children’s cemetery of Astypalaia
Olympia Ship Amorgos, Greece


Hi Chris.

Is there a way to get a printout of the podcast so I know how to spell out all the areas your guest mentions in the podcast?


If you’re reading this, you’ve found where you can find it in the lyrics or show notes for each episode.


Travel to London, England – Episode 813

hello Chris

I was very impressed that your last guest spoke so effectively about London and managed to fit so much into such a short period of time.

May I add a place right next to Borough Market, which is really worth a visit, especially for North Americans with an interest in history.

Southwark Cathedral (unlike Westminster Abbey) calls itself the ‘People’s Cathedral’ and you’re likely to find monuments to coal traders, grocers or ‘hop factors’ as well as celebrities.

However, your listeners may be interested to hear that John Harvard (founder of your famous university) was baptized here in 1607.

And my favorite monument is the sculpted tomb of Bruce Two Dogs Bozsum, a Mohammed Chief, who was buried here in 1735. He came to petition the king for the return of lands taken by the settlers, but died of smallpox in London. The law in those days declared that no outsider could be buried within the official limits of London, so his body was transported across the river to Southwark, beyond the dragon figures guarding the old City Walls. So this cathedral (and the Borough Market next to it) is located outside the old City of London – unlike Westminster Abbey it’s free to enter too!

Keep up the great work and I await your report especially from your organized trip to Turkey that should happen soon?

all the best


Unfortunately this trip was canceled when 5 people (including my wife) had to withdraw for personal reasons.


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Traveling to Astypalaia and Amorgos, Greece (Podcast) Things to do in Astypalaia |  Things to do in Amorgos #europe #greece #Astypalaia #amorgos #islands #travel #holiday #trip #holiday

Traveling to Astypalaia and Amorgos, Greece (Podcast) Things to do in Astypalaia |  Things to do in Amorgos #europe #greece #Astypalaia #amorgos #islands #travel #holiday #trip #holiday Traveling to Astypalaia and Amorgos, Greece (Podcast) Things to do in Astypalaia |  Things to do in Amorgos #europe #greece #Astypalaia #amorgos #islands #travel #holiday #trip #holiday