Travel to Eastern Slovenia (Podcast)

Learn about traveling to Eastern Slovenia as Amateur Traveler talk to travel writer Mark Baker of about a recent press trip to lesser-visited areas of Solvenia.

Mark starts us off in eastern Slovenia with the beautiful cities of Maribor and Ptuj. Maribor, says Mark, “is a student town. It’s very lively. He has a lot of work to do in the evening. It has a really nice newly renovated central square.” Mark recommends this region as a center for Slovenian wine production. The world’s oldest wine-producing vine is claimed to be at the Old Vine House in Maribor.

Ptuj was originally a Roman garrison town where the Roman empire would settle retired soldiers. You can find artifacts from that time, including a Mithras temple. Ptuj organizes an unusual carnival celebration called Kurentovanje, where locals chase the winter by wearing huge furry beast costumes. The city is surrounded by a fortress overlooking the town and the Drava River.

But the most unusual part of Mark’s route was visiting an old lead mine in Koroška. Mark took a mountain bike ride down the mine before boarding a claustrophobic mine train and heading towards the mine where they skied down the underground waterways.

There is also a coal museum nearby and an old coal mine with underground gourmet dining. Koroška is also known for mountain biking… above ground as well.

Mark then headed west to tour the beautiful Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park in western Slovenia. The region is a hub for adventure tourism. You can go rafting or hiking, but Mark could also ride a small Icelandic horse.

Slovenia is a beautiful country with a rich history. It has many popular attractions such as the caves of Like Bled, Postojna and Škocjan and the small coastline. But it also has less-visited but equally wonderful places, as Mark discovered… Some of them are deep underground.

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Show notes

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Stephanie Travel to London, England – Episode 813:

Great episode! I’ve been to London 6 times and will be back in September. I still found new things to check out when I went.
However, there’s one thing he says I’d like to make a suggestion: use a debit card instead of buying an Oyster card. You must have a contactless debit card and make sure that it does not charge you external transaction fees. My card is not contactless and I encounter FTF every time I use it, so I will continue to use Oyster cards when I’m gone.

All the best, Stephanie

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Travel to Eastern Slovenia |  Things to do in Eastern Slovenia (Podcast) #slovenia #mine #castle #travel #holiday #travel #holiday

Travel to Eastern Slovenia |  Things to do in Eastern Slovenia (Podcast) #slovenia #mine #castle #travel #holiday #travel #holiday