Travel to Havana, Cuba (Podcast)

Learn about traveling to Havana Cuba as you talk to the Amateur Traveler, Cuban-American Talek Nates about the capital of his ancestral country.

Talek said, “I have been to Cuba. Until recently, I had a family there. I love it. This is good. I love music, people, nature. Havana is fascinating for many reasons. It is a colonial city. It was founded in 1519 by Spaniards looking for gold. It was the jewel in the crown of the Spanish empire.”

“Havana and Cuba have been forbidden fruit since the 1962 embargo. And it was impossible for Americans to travel there for many years. It got a little easier under Obama. In the Trump era, it has become more restrained. Now, most recently, just a few days ago, it has become less restrictive. Most Americans don’t know they can go to Cuba.”

In this country, which is so close to the USA, there is no McDonald’s and Burger King. It still has its colonial walls, old town, beaches and old cars for which it is so famous.

Talek starts us off by visiting a number of plazas in Old Havana. These include the plaza outside the cathedral and the Plaza de San Francisco de Asís, where locals will celebrate important events. He also suggests we visit some old hotels that were popular with Americans in the 1950s. Americans cannot stay there as their travel is more restricted, but citizens of other countries can take advantage of these hotels.

Cuba is known for its nightlife, which includes jazz clubs, open-air nightclubs, floor shows, and more eclectic venues such as the Cuban Art Factory, a cooking oil factory converted into an artistic venue.

Havana has a number of well-known museums such as the Museum of the Revolution and the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as smaller museums such as the rum, chocolate and tobacco museums. It also has a museum with one of the best collections of Napoleonic works.

In particular, we talk about what Americans can and cannot do in Cuba. Talek also gives us advice on things he doesn’t think are worth your time in Havana.

Renting an old 1950s car and visiting some of the beautiful beaches are on Talek’s to-do list.

Old Havana is the “Old Havana and Fortification System” included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Talek also recommends a day trip to the Viñales Valley to see one of the 8 other UNESCO sites in Cuba. This is a beautiful valley surrounded by karst rock formations known as “mogotes”, which is the center of tobacco cultivation.

Havana is an amazing city to visit before it looks like the rest of the world.

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Show notes
Jose Marti
Havana Cathedral
Armas Square
Palacio de los Capitanes Generales
Plaza Vieja, Havana
Plaza de San Francisco de Asis
Old Havana
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
La Zorra y el Cuervo
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana
Napoleon Museum (Havana)
Revolution Museum (Museo de la Revolucion), Havana
Finca La Vigía – Ernest Hemingway’s House in Cuba
El Capitolio, Havana
Tobacco Museum, Havana
Chocolate Museum
Decorative Arts Museum, Havana
Santeria Museum
Cuban Art Factory
Dona Euthymia
Cafe Laurent
El Cocinero
Hamel Street: A Place With Its Own Identity in Havana
Bodeguita del medio
Playas de Este (Havana) – Everything You Need to Know Before You Go
Viñales Valley
Havana Candy Kings
10 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Cuba Trip


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Travel to Havana, Cuba (Podcast) #travel #holiday #trip #holiday #cuba #havana #beaches #cars #podcast

Travel to Havana, Cuba (Podcast) #travel #holiday #trip #holiday #cuba #havana #beaches #cars #podcast Travel to Havana, Cuba (Podcast) #travel #holiday #trip #holiday #cuba #havana #beaches #cars #podcast