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Learn about traveling to London, England while talking to Amateur Traveler Julie about her adopted hometown at

“Why should a person go to London?” Asked by Julie, she says: “There are so many good reasons. I love London for history. It dates back thousands of years to Roman times. I love London for all things top-notch you have world-class music, world-class culture, art exhibitions and theater performances from London. Everything you can imagine, London has just about anything world class. So culturally, it’s great. I love London for its diversity. You meet people from all over the world. You can find food from all over the world. You never really feel like a stranger in London because there are so many people from so many places.”

“There are also many niche topics and interests you can fulfill in London. London is a huge city and whatever you’re into, whatever your passion, you can find something to fit your budget in London. And I think these are just the beginning of what I would call reasons to go to London.”

Julie takes us on a tour of well known and unknown sites. It starts us near the Parliament and the London Eye. We explore the South Thames including the Royal Festival Hall, Tate Modern, Globe Theatre, Borough Market, HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge. We can tour Westminster Abbey, see a show, grab lunch from the market, and finish with the White Tower, the Tower of London, the house that William the Conquer built.

We are talking about the big neighborhoods of London such as Piccadilly Circus and the West End, Covent Garden with its shops and street performers, Soho with its nightlife, Camden with its market and canal, South Kensington with its museums, Notting Hill with its famous antiques market. and colorful houses. We’re also heading out of District 1 to nice neighborhoods like Hampstead, which might be Julie’s favourite.

We talk about the best nightclubs, bars and afternoon tea. Julie gives us up-to-date tips on getting to and from airports and how to get around on the London Underground.

We visit famous museums such as the British Museum and the V&A. We visit small museums such as the cabinet war rooms and lesser-known museums such as the Sir John Soane Museum.

London is constantly changing. We’re talking about the changing food scene. It’s so much easier to have a great meal in London than it was a decade ago.

London could easily take your time for a week, a month or a lifetime. Find out more about this vibrant city in this episode of Amateur Traveller.

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Show notes

A Lady in London
Tours – UK Parliament
Westminster Abbey
London Eye
Royal Festival Hall
World Theater
HMS Belfast
Tower Bridge
Tower of London Tour
London’s West End
Covent Garden
London underground
London Airports
Ronnie Scot’s Jazz Club
South Kensington
V&A Museum
Science Museum
Boating on the serpentine – Hyde Park
Notting Hill
Portobello Road
Oak W2
Camden Market
Regent’s Channel
british museum
Lamb’s Conduit Street
Charlotte Street
Piccadilly Circus
Changing the Guard
Carnation Club
Holly Bush in Hampstead
Sir John Soane’s Museum
Maltby Street Market
afternoon tea Fortnum and Mason
Churchill War Rooms
St. Paul
Goren Hotel
Shangri-La The Shard
Lady’s Ultimate London Travel Guide


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Travel to London, England (Podcast) |  things to do in london #london #uk #england #uk #travel #holiday #trip #holiday

Travel to London, England (Podcast) |  things to do in london #london #uk #england #uk #travel #holiday #trip #holiday Travel to London, England (Podcast) |  things to do in london #london #uk #england #uk #travel #holiday #trip #holiday