One of Asia’s largest movie theme parks, Universal Studios Singapore is a popular attraction and a must-visit in Singapore for all movie fanatics. The studio has 24 attractions based on TV shows and movies where you’ll encounter characters, shops, rides and restaurants. Here are some popular attractions that you should not miss.

Image credit – Unsplash, Nevi Ayu E.,CC0

Hollywood zone!

If you plan to spend a Long-term stay in Singaporeyou may want to choose a comfortable accommodation lyf one-north singapore located just 10 minutes from the studios. Immediately after the entrance, you will see the Hollywood-like structure with palm trees and Hollywood Boulevard with the magnificent Marilyn and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can take pictures with characters and dine at Hollywood-themed restaurants. Don’t miss the Hollywood Dream Parade where you’ll see Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and even the Penguins of Madagascar!

Science fiction city and New York

If you are a big fan of transformers and Battlestar Galactica, this zone will be heaven for you. The highlight of this area is the spiraling rollercoaster with sudden descents, climbs and thrilling speed chases. Take some pictures with the famous Bumblebee from Transformers before you forget! Needless to say, the New York area is themed after the city, where you’ll find the most iconic locations and Steven Spielberg’s Lights, Camera, Action.


If you’ve ever been a big fan of Madagascar (the movie, of course) this zone will be your dream come true. You can go on an adventure ride or grab a snack at Gloria’s Snack Shack. The penguins are one of the best parts of this area and you can go and say hello and click some pictures to show all your Madagascar-crazy friends!