Are you going to Tunisia? Why not add the perfect seaside town of Sidi Bou Said to your itinerary? Read this guide to find out where to stay and what to do, and plan the dreamiest North African vacation!

Where to stay

If you’re worried about where to stay, don’t be! There are many accommodation options Tunisia. Resorts whom Residence Tunis Offer your guests unspoilt views of the Mediterranean Sea with a variety of room types for you to choose from!

Getting there

If you’re traveling around Tunisia on a pre-arranged tour, it’s unlikely that this hidden gem will be on your itinerary. It’s worth adding to your list and getting here has never been easier. You can rent a car, taxi or just take a regular train that takes just over half an hour!

Shades of blue

As Sidi Bou Said is only 20 kilometers from Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, the town is a popular beach getaway! Besides the beautiful views of the ocean, this tug. It’s famous for its Greek-inspired, hillside, white buildings with distinctive blue-painted roofs and doors!

Food and Kitchen

Tunisian food
Image via Wikimedia Commons (Vajih Khalfullah, Tunisian couscous with fish, CC BY-SA 4.0)

With so many fantastic restaurants offering the best of Mediterranean and Tunisian classics, you really are spoiled for choice. The cuisine is complimented by unparalleled and mesmerizing views of the seas, making all your dining experiences in this seaside city unforgettable.