As one of only two whale watching centers in the country, most travelers head to Mirissa Beach to indulge in this activity. Here’s what you need to know about signing up for this experience.

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Timing is everything

Tourists going to Mirissa specifically to take part in whale watching tours should visit the beach hotspot between December and March. This is the time when species of whales and dolphins flock to the shores of Mirissa Beach, making their way to cooler climes. Those visiting Mirissa during May-June or September-November will find that whale watching is not possible due to the monsoon rains and less chance of wildlife sightings.

Finding the right tour operator

There are several tour operators that organize whale watching excursions in Mirissa, including the Sri Lanka Navy. Apart from choosing a tour package that suits your budget, it is also very important to check the online reviews of these tour companies and their experience to eliminate the undesirables. those based on Lantern Boutique Hotel or any other recreation, don’t forget to book a reliable operator through the hotel, because whale watching is one of the best. Things to do in Mirissa.

Tips for first timers

Avoid consuming a large meal or breakfast before your tour, as nausea can set in quite easily, even if you are not prone to motion sickness. Those who suffer from motion sickness or suffer from car sickness should take medication before taking the tour.

What to take

In addition to a camera and a bottle of water, whale watchers will benefit from carrying a set of binoculars.