Langkawi, Malaysia is the only UNESCO geopark in Southeast Asia and one of the country’s most beautiful islands. Apart from the beautiful weather, mountains, clear blue waters and other natural attractions, there are many things to experience here. Here are some of the top reasons why you should visit!

Langkawi cable car
Langkawi by cable car Ttt.Osakanman through Wikimedia Commons ,CC BY-SA 4.0

Great food

The food here is a wonderful blend of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian flavors. You can choose from fresh lobster to fish to lobster and anything you can think of, cooked fresh right in front of you. All The best resorts in Langkawi offer something on their menu for everyone.


This island is surrounded by some of the best beaches in Malaysia. All 104 islands have unlimited access to beautiful beaches with white sands, clear blue waters and panoramic views of the horizon. you can book a resort like Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa and have a good time.

Breathtaking views

Beaches and food are not the only attractions here. The mesmerizing views of mountains, misty waterfalls, mangroves and other natural wonders will really make you want to stay here forever. There are plenty of tropical rainforests to explore.

Night markets

The best way to experience the true local Langkawi life is to stroll through the night markets. You will be able to witness lively parties and exquisite handicrafts and creations from all over the country. You can also taste some unique dishes!